Why the world is changing to adapt to Cryptocurrency

If you’re not aware of cryptocurrency as an investor, it’s time you at least familiarize yourself on the topic. It’s a wild west land of unregulated opportunities. In terms of how someone new to it can make money there is a few options. You could simply buy Ether or Bitcoin and store it in a “wallet” app. Or you can start developing applications or do bug bounty hunting.








The price of ether as of May 8 2017 is around 92.5$ USD per Ether, up from 50$ USD two weeks prior. The hype is building very quickly about Ether as a platform as it offers a huge benefit over other cryptocurrencies in the form of smart contracts. It’s still a great time to get involved with Ethereum and Bitcoin as more and more people start using it as currency. Even large corporations are starting to invest in Ethereum such as Microsoft and Chase Bank.

Another way to get involved with Ethereum is mining it with a graphics card in your computer. If you have a good gaming capable computer rig ( a couple hundred dollars) you can make 150$ a month just leaving a program running on your computer. This is scale-able too!

I urge anyone reading to consider getting involved in the huge growth coming to Ethereum and Bitcoin ecosystems. Cryptocurrency faucets also offer a way to either gain a small amount of the desired cryptocurrency, or to make profit as the website owner through ad revenue.

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